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ImThera medical reports results for the European trial neurostimulator OSA

- Reduction in average ESS screening at week 12, 5 7.3 (50.5% improvement)

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Rehab ankle sprain complicated by the delay in muscle response, study finds

Once that is exactly why the instability of the ankle continues, then it might be easy to solve, Hopkins said.

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Scientists discover crucial trigger for tumor protein

Researchers have discovered how a protein called «Sharpin» prevents TNF induces inflammation, potentially a new understanding of the link between inflammation and cancer.

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Race, breast cancer hormone can Sway

Women also provided blood samples. The researchers used blood samples to measure blood levels of estrogen and other female sex hormones.

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Levy and junk food advertising of alcoholic beverages could be used to better inform consumers about their choices, Australia

Harper said that the proposal to correct the imbalance between the promotion of unhealthy products and healthier, and find funding to enable consumers to make more informed choices about consumer products and health.

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Patients undergoing liver transplantation may hold key to preventing blindness

«We are at the forefront in the search for AMD here in Southampton and we are evaluating a very exciting future in the laboratory and the clinic.»

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Merck KGaA Starts Stimuvax phase III study in Asian patients with advanced NSCLC INSPIRE

- In 2007, lung cancer was responsible for 20.9% of all cancer deaths in East Asia and 17.8% of all cancer deaths in South Asia2

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Generic cialis from Canadian online pharmacies help of erectile dysfunction

cialis canadian does not cure ED well. Cialis does not increase sexual desire, will not protect against sexual diseases and it is not a birth control pills. It will not work by itself and they need sexual stimulation to cause … Continue reading

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The analysis of data from Japan provides a protocol for schools to decide when to activate a shutdown should influence

With the season approaching, parents across the country began to suffer from the closure of schools. But how bad must be an epidemic of a school closing? A study by epidemiologist John Brownstein, Ph.D., and Anne Gatewood Hoen, PhD Children’s … Continue reading

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Speed ​​limits higher living costs, researchers find

«This tragic event has led to foreign policy,» he said. «We estimate that about 12,500 people have died as a result of a deregulation policy of speed control – four times what happened on September 11th – and yet change … Continue reading

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