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Find new neuroscientists adds greatly to our understanding of calcium channel function and pathological

Scientists Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine has discovered a new mechanism that nerve cells (neurons) use to hone their production of energy. The exciting finding, published this week in the prestigious journal Nature Neuroscience, sheds new … Continue reading

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As the «stomach flu»

- Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Water, fruit juice or half-strength are the best. Avoid soda or sports drinks as they have little nutritional value, but can be used in people who can not tolerate the preferred liquid.

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Advances in robotics, show the potential for medical applications

Recent findings from the dynamics of the OSU laboratory robotics are presented in two conferences, including the IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation.

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PAC10 Looks At professional ethics and legal medication, Australia

To be held in Melbourne October 28 to 31 this year, delegates to the PAC10 can collect up to 35 credits of continuing professional education during the conference.

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UD professor emeritus wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

A carbon based (organic) chemistry is the basis of life and is responsible for many fascinating natural phenomenon: the color of the flowers, snake venom and kill bacteria substances such as penicillin. Organic chemistry has allowed man to build on … Continue reading

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New York State Health Foundation Names Medicare Rights Center project as one of its ten «Best of 2009″

«This project has been and continues to be rewarding,» Baker said. «We not only the satisfaction of helping people to enroll in programs that can greatly improve their health and well-being, but we are also sharing the lessons we learned … Continue reading

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The research suggests that female fertility is declining faster than previously thought, the Washington Post column shows

Reprinted with permission. You can view the report of the entire Daily Women’s health policy, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery here. Daily report on women’s health policy is a free service of the National Partnership for … Continue reading

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Discovered a new detection mechanism in dendritic cells to increase the immune response to HIV

Co-authors of the study include Brandon Hogstad, Yaming Wang and David E. Removal of NYU Langone Medical Center.

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Silagra (drug for erectile dysfunction) makes duck hit erotic perfection

Generic Viagra(Silagra) pills is to be consumed as a whole without crushing or chewing the solutions, the little pills needed to be swallowed by the water, then dissolves into the bloodstream and improves the performance erotic with great effectiveness. Silagra … Continue reading

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Vascular targeted photodynamic therapy of localized prostate cancer

This phase I / II trial of photodynamic therapy is open to men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer – caused by a biopsy and advanced imaging techniques -. Those who chose active surveillance, also known as «watchful waiting during the … Continue reading

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