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Discovered mysterious cholera bacteria

«We have the enzyme outside of the membrane with all its components,» said Barquera. Once isolated, the researchers observed the enzyme as it moved from sodium outside the cell.

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Possible link between the over-diagnosis of bipolar disorder and disability

Zimmerman says: «We understand that bipolar disorder is sometimes a serious disease, a chronic illness that interferes with an individual’s ability to maintain gainful employment. Yet, when we compared patients who had never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for the … Continue reading

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New class of AIDS drugs on the horizon

The results, however, are stirring great interest. The research has been hampered by the lack of a test that can identify true integrase inhibitors. But now, researchers at Merck Daria J. Hazuda, Ph.D., and colleagues report that they have developed … Continue reading

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Study: African-Americans to live longer after stroke

Ours is the first study to show that, after admission to hospital survival among patients with stroke in black and white can vary in unexpected ways, he said.

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Carbon dioxide can explain «near death experiences»

Zaliki Klemenc-Ketis worked with a team of researchers at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, to review the patients who reported NDEs. He said: «A number of theories that explain the mechanisms of near-death experience there. We found that patients who … Continue reading

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Why do some neuronal proteins take their time Getting To The Terminal

«Now imagine a thousand frogs hopping on and off rapidly changing loads, appear and disappear all the time is just the image you get with these proteins plumes -.. A slow movement coordinated global behavior resulting from the seemingly chaotic … Continue reading

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Non-invasive ultrasound tests for Down’s syndrome increase

Non-invasive screening for Down syndrome (as well as other important genetic or chromosomal fetal abnormalities in the child development) involves an ultrasound early and accurate series of biochemical tests in the mother’s blood, at times especially during pregnancy. According to … Continue reading

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Although neck injury is rare nail gun – do-it-yourselfer can take measures to prevent neurologic injury to the common house

- If you have a penetrating wound, do not try to remove / remove the object.

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Melanoma skin cancer strikes again

Melanoma can come back more often than expected, experts report in the Archives of Dermatology.

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Childhood stroke more common than thought

The difference was even greater for strokes that occurred at the time of delivery, with a sensitivity of 12 percent on billing codes and 87 percent using radiological files.

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