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Finasteride (tradename; Proscar & Propecia) Tabs. Dosing

Finasteride is used to reduce an enlarged prostate in adult males. It may be used alone or in combination with other medications to reduce symptoms of BPH and can also reduce the need for surgery finasteride cost. Finasteride may improve … Continue reading

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Distributions of WFP food are spread across the area floods in Pakistan, but the needs remain enormous

Helicopters are the only viable way to reach many areas that were cut, and WFP is moving from three heavy helicopters to Pakistan to increase the ten that have already been made available by the Government of Pakistan. In many … Continue reading

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Generic Methocarbamol (trade name: Robaxin). Drug interactions and recommended dosages.

Analgesics and muscle relaxants can interact with other medications. If you take medication, consult your health care provider before taking this product. There is not enough studies on the effect of this drug in pregnancy methocarbamol 500 mg . Avoid … Continue reading

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Biomarkers for the control of respiratory diseases and abnormalities associated with hypertension

The results indicate that the odds ratio for race distribution was 1. The biomarker was detected in 1233 participants , with statistically significant differences between those with and without it. Patients with biomarkers tend to be older , males , … Continue reading

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Clomiphene no Prescription – Option to Infertility

This is the most recommended by women to use Clomid if they face problems related to ovulation or infertility, this drug is rarely used for IVF treatment. One must follow the doctor’s advice before taking this medicine, it is suggested … Continue reading

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Graco Strollers, Dorel Cribs recalled

Graco recalled 1.5 million after five wheelchairs have lost fingers in the canopy hinge. Dorel Asia and 635,000 cribs recalled after one death and six remained trapped in the side menu. Graco Stroller Finger Amputation

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«Good» cholesterol may reduce the risk of colon cancer

For more information on colon cancer, visit the American Cancer Society.

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Heart & Cardiovascular Disease. Generic Clopidogrel ( trade name: Plavix) tablets.

Diarrhea, rash, or itching occurs in approximately 1 in 20 persons taking clopidogrel generic plavix cost . Abdominal pain also occurs in about 1 to 20 people, but it is less frequent as aspirin. Headache, chest, muscle pain, dizziness and … Continue reading

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The future of the rapidly growing Mexican «Riviera Maya» is threatened by pollutants in aquifers

‘These results demonstrate clearly the need for oversight of the pin-point where these aquifer pollutants are coming,’ said Trent University professor Chris D. Metcalfe, Senior Research Fellow at the United Nations University based in Canada Institute for Water, Environment and … Continue reading

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