Haiti, cholera can be beaten – More than 250 deaths and 3,000 cases reported

Haiti, which is still trying to recover from the earthquake in January, still has many areas with poor hygienic conditions.According to the World Health Organization , about three quarters of people who are exposed to the cholera vibrio bacteria have no detectable symptoms lexapro and libido. However, I can spread the disease from contaminated water. They can also transmit the disease through poor food hygiene.

The bacteria CT or CTX, a potent cholera toxin. CTX binds to the intestinal wall and interferes with the normal flow of sodium and chloride. This makes the body releases massive amounts of water, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting and a rapid loss of fluids and salts zoloft weight loss.

MSF , a charity throughout the medical world says it is the treatment of patients with symptoms of cholera in the town of San Marco paxil litigation.

We congratulate the companies that have received these awards cr gain paxil weight. The researchers replicated the conditions of the disease and induces oxidative stress, which alters the metabolism of nerve cells and influences their DNA.

MSF says that in order to stop the transmission of cholera, it is essential:
Isolate suspected cases zoloft kava kava

There are a large number of patients in the hospital Saint-Nicolas in Saint-Marc, who has the ability to handle an emergency cholera. It will also allow the hospital to function as normally as possible. We have established a separate, isolated cholera treatment center now.

MSF says it has emergency teams in Mirebalais and small rivers – their goal is to assess the local situation and medical facilities and provide support.

Apart from the diagnosis and treatment of infected patients as quickly as possible with an oral rehydration solution to replace fluids lost through vomiting and diarrhea, MSF says that anyone who is sick should be isolated from patients who were already in hospital before the start of the epidemic. Some patients are given intravenous SRO because they are too weak or sick to drink. MSF has 20 health professionals and logistics experts at the Hospital Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Marc.

Health authorities in Haiti, and various humanitarian organizations reported that the increase in cases reported each day seems to be slowing. At least 250 dead and 3,000 were reported cases of human infection, according to PAHO . Conditions in various parts of the country are ideal for the onset of the disease such as cholera, and their rapid spread, experts say. A devastating earthquake in January of this year has left a significant portion of the population, without a place to live, more than 1.3 million are still employed by the tent city.

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