Prostate cancer: more soy in the diet may protect against the deadly disease

Many people often associate with the benefits of soy. During the late ’80s, researchers found that Japanese men in Hawaii who ate tofu at least 5 times a week were 65 percent less chance of prostate cancer than those who ate tofu once a week or less . In 1998, researchers found that men who drink soy milk, at least once a day is probably 70 percent less prostate cancer than those who never drank soy milk at the second most common in men, and many felt that taking natural supplements can help prevent the progression of the disease lexapro and libido. But a new study from Canada estimated that the intake of vitamin E, selenium and soy for example, have no benefit for men who have a higher risk of developing the disease.

Dr zoloft weight loss. Eric Klein, Glickman Urological Institute and chairman of the kidney at the Cleveland Clinic concluded:

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Source: The Journal of Clinical Oncology and the Urologic Research Foundation of Science cr gain paxil weight

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in 156 out of 10,000 men in the U zoloft kava kava. each year. However, some of these cancers may never become mortal and there is ongoing debate on how best to treat them.

To our regret, there was no benefit. We must consider new strategies and new nutrients.

In this study, the researchers assigned 303 men to take either a combination of supplements or nutritional supplements did not seem to dust every day for three years. If you compare the number of cancer cases in each group after three years, the results were almost identical. Twenty-six of 100 men developed prostate cancer after three years, regardless of whether they took the supplement or a placebo powder.

In a study published in October 2004 by the Urological Sciences Research Foundation has found that when Japanese men migrate to the United States and adopt a Western lifestyle, the protection of soy against cancer of the prostate begins to disappear for a generation. The researchers suggested that the Western diet contains saturated animal fat and rich in soy may be employees of small and high incidence of prostate cancer.

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