Wisper: A wireless platform for smart sensor rescuers

When Hansel and Gretel ventured into the forest, they left a trail of bread crumbs to find your way. In today’s world, mobile phones, Global Positioning System , WiFi and Bluetooth are digital signals that connect us to friends, relatives and colleagues, while helping us to find our location and map of our location.As the first mobile wireless and broadcast GLANSER PHASER 900 MHz – a frequency that can penetrate the walls, as an issuer of an appropriate size lexapro and libido. But because of their size, portable transmitters are extremely modest. This represents a challenge from hell.

An apparatus, accountability and the geospatial location of the navigation system for the rescuers , CRAM a radio wave, a light battery, and a series of navigation devices in a device for monitoring the size of a paperback book. Back to the fire truck, GLANSER signals are received and transmitted from a small base station connected to the USB-powered laptop zoloft weight loss. As firefighters move from room to room and floor of her soul, the laptop screen every stage.

Here’s how it works: Each firefighter enters a burning building with five routers loaded into an airtight container belt paxil litigation. Routers are organized into a network drop. If a router is accidentally broke a stairwell or firehosed under a sofa, the network automatically reconfigures Wisper.

‘We have shown that it works,’ said Mapar. ‘Now we just need a private sector partner of the fuel to the fire cr gain paxil weight.’

To extract the maximum battery life of small routers, Wisper designers turned to a simple communication protocol for low-power ZigBee zoloft kava kava. ZigBee is slow turtle design trades speed for battery life, the telegraph no more than 100 kilobits per second – a rate that exceeds 99 % slower than WiFi.

The treatment was developed by Neurologix, Inc., a biotechnology company based in New Jersey, which specializes in research, development and commercialization of gene therapies for serious disorders of the brain and nervous system.

In March 2011, Oceania and UVA demonstrated Wisper for S & T in a FEMA office in Arlington, Virginia. Simulation of a team of fire fighters, armed with three researchers router range, dodging corners, stairs resignation. In test after test, their signals remained strong, even at a distance of 150 meters.

S & T is developing a disposable small router, which measures one square centimeter by centimeter thick, which is waterproof and heat resistant up to 500 F. The platform of wireless intelligent sensors rescuers, or contains a two-way digital radio Wisper, antenna and 3-volt lithium battery.

‘Throw in the smoke, fog firehose, stairs and walls, and you can be up to 10 kbps. But not fast enough to tell the commander of the accident site and health of each firefighter in fire, ‘said Jalal Mapar, Project Wisper in protecting S & T infrastructure and the Division of Disaster Management. ‘We are not streaming video that needs a lot of bandwidth, vital signs, and only contact information.’

A second device, the system of evaluation of the physiological health for rescuers , can monitor the body temperature of a firefighter, blood pressure and pulse, these relay vital signs to the base station. If a firefighter falls or vanishes, firefighters running mate can quickly find and bring security, led by GLANSER.

Wisper router, distributor, and small USB base station has been developed by Oceanit Laboratories, Inc., Honolulu, and the University of Virginia Department of Computer Science in S & T Small Business Innovation Research .

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