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The dilution is probably most common way to ‘cheat’a drug test how can you beat a drug test more info . That is, you are drinking a bunch of water and dilute the hell out of your urine. It works like this, say threshold for testing was 50 ng / mL, and you are being tested to 75 ng / mL , you normally do. But if you push twice as the water through your system, all of a sudden you are down to 35-40 ng / mL, and you switch. It’s that simple… or is it? There really is not need to drink huge quantities of water for days before your test. Since the water you drink that in advance is already well out of your system by the time you go, he will not really help you. Simply drink your normal 8 glasses per day should be sufficient.

The frogs are adapted foot self-cleaning that could have practical applications for the medical industry.

Frogs have adhesive pads on their toes that they use to hang out in difficult situations, but so far it is not clear how to prevent the pads collect dirt.

Frogs have small hexagonal patterns on their feet, allowing parts of the pad to stay in contact with the surface and create friction, while the channels between the mucus can spread throughout the pad. This mucus allows both the frog to the stick and then when they move, they can also remove the dirt. If this can be translated into a concept of human origin could provide a reusable, efficient adhesive.


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