The future of the rapidly growing Mexican «Riviera Maya» is threatened by pollutants in aquifers

‘These results demonstrate clearly the need for oversight of the pin-point where these aquifer pollutants are coming,’ said Trent University professor Chris D. Metcalfe, Senior Research Fellow at the United Nations University based in Canada Institute for Water, Environment and Health .Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons pollution, meanwhile, has entered the groundwater runoff from highways, parking lots, airports, asphalt and other solid surfaces lexapro and libido.

The study was part of the UNU-INWEH Caribbean coastal pollution , started in 2007 to help build a better assessment, monitoring and management of persistent organic pollutants and persistent toxic substances in coastal ecosystems in the Caribbean zoloft weight loss.

And with an increase of 10 times you expect the population to 2030, the problems may worsen, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Pollution paxil litigation.

Waterproof coverings installed on golf courses and other areas that are largely covered with grass to reduce the leaching of contaminants, nutrients and pathogens; cr gain paxil weight

They found that pre-diabetic mice an increase in fasting glucose, several weeks after the diet zoloft kava kava. They found that 135 people without diabetes who had prescriptions for both drugs have increased their average random blood sugar of 19 mg / dl after initiation of treatment. This study shows that we are able to identify unexpected problems that can affect hundreds of thousands of people around the world. These reports are voluntary, however, and is based on a patient or a doctor noticed that something strange has happened.

Waste to contaminate a vast labyrinth of caves filled with water in the popular tourist destination in the Yucatan Peninsula. Polluted water in caves and in the Caribbean Sea. Ground source of pollution may have contributed, with overfishing, coral diseases, and climate change, loss since 1990 for 50 percent of corals on the reefs off the coast of the region.

Protection of all remaining mangroves, which buffer coastal areas against pollution. They also warned that the combination of sea level and over-exploitation of freshwater contributes to saltwater intrusion into aquifers, are a threat to the quality of freshwater in the region and availability.

‘In addition, prevention and mitigation are needed to ensure that the expansion of the development does not harm the marine environment and human health and, therefore, tourism-based economy in the region.’

There is also a metabolite of nicotine and caffeine, and ingredients of personal care products, such as:

They used two types of passive sampling devices in five locations at depths from 1.5 to 10.5 meters for the movement of groundwater in the sample at a rate of 0,5-2, 5 km per day to measure the concentrations of contaminants and identify potential sources. The fresh water in these aquifers forms a distinct lens on top of the intrusion of salt water. The two layers of water meet and mix in these flooded cave systems, ranging from 8 to 12 km inland

The non-prescription analgesics acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The researchers point of latrines, septic tanks and sewage leaks as the most likely source pollution, noting that only one third of the state is served by municipal water treatment plant waste.

‘Diving down a chasm in these flooded cave systems was a truly unique experience – and a little ‘scary for someone diving in a cave for the first time,’ says van Lavieren, an officer of UNU-INWEH and Rescue Program Diver training. ‘It ‘hard to imagine the actual size and shape of these cave systems without being in them. Fortunately, we were helped by experienced divers in the region to distribute and collect the passive samplers.’

Geology of the highly permeable zone, characterized by sinkholes, offering great access to the cave of groundwater systems, makes the peninsula very susceptible to contamination.

The researchers concluded that illegal drugs, medicines and personal care products found in groundwater in four of the five seats of domestic wastewater.

Reverse osmosis systems for drinking water treatment are widely used in the Riviera Maya ‘, but this technology is unlikely to remove all micro-contaminants,’ says the study.

Drugs, illicit drugs, shampoo, toothpaste, pesticides, runoff from highways and many other pollutants infiltrate the giant aquifer under research ‘Mayan Riviera’ of Mexico exhibit.

World Bank funded through the Canada Fund POP of the Canadian International Development Agency , the Phase 1 project was completed in mid-2010. The project covers eight countries, has developed a wide network of regional agencies, universities, laboratories and other institutions, has developed a monitoring program base for POPs, evaluated and improved environmental laboratories, laboratory personnel trained and carried out research projects demonstration to trace the sources of contamination, which involved several graduate students in the region.

Mr. Metcalfe conducted the study with Patricia A. Beddows of Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA, CINVESTAV Unidad Merida Bouchot Gerardo Gold. Mexico, Tracy L. The work was carried out with the help of a local non-governmental organization ‘Amigos de Sian Ka’an.’

The samples taken near a golf course on a resort, said that pesticide applications as another source of contamination.

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