New risk model quantifies the impact breast cancer risk reduction

In this study, Elizabeth Petracci, Ph.D., and Mitchell Gail, MD, Ph.D., at the National Cancer Institute and colleagues developed the model using data from an Italian case-control study with more than 5,000 women. Their model consists of five risk factors that are difficult or impossible to modify and three that are modifiable risk factorsHow can a woman reduce her risk of losing weight, drink less or exercise more? A study published online June 24 in the Journal of National Cancer Institute describes a new model to estimate the impact of these changes in lifestyle on the absolute risk of breast cancer, which suggests a reduction in risk could result in a significant number of prevent an entire population lexapro and libido.

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The risk models for breast cancer are widely used to estimate the odds of a woman developing the disease. These are based on non-modifiable risk factors such as age and family history of breast cancer and modifiable lifestyle factors paxil litigation. But there is little information on what a lifestyle reduces the absolute risk of breast cancer in individuals and in population.

In an accompanying editorial, Kathy J cr gain paxil weight. Helzlsouer, MD, Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, writes that the study provides extremely important information for counseling women on how much risk reduction can be expected to change behavior, and also highlights the basic concept of Public Health that small changes in individual risk can lead to a significant reduction of disease in a large population. However, it is also noted that these estimates are based on optimistic assumptions of changes in behavior that results are not necessarily applicable to people in other countries, like the United States, where rates of breast cancer in older women are much higher than in Italy.

The authors conclude that these results provide a perspective on the impact of public health to reduce exposure to these risk factors and could be useful for designing studies to test the effectiveness of prevention programs zoloft kava kava.

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