New U.S. plan to improve health care for minorities

Officials say that the financing of these projects is already budgeted HHS, largely through the Affordable Care Act.April 12, 2011 – The U.S. government has introduced a new approach to combat the barriers to health care faced by many minorities the right.

? For the first time the U.S. has a coordinated approach to give everyone a chance to live a healthy life? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a press release. ? We must all work together to combat this persistent problem so that we can build healthier communities and a strong nation.?

«While some have benefited from considerable advances in medicine, health and welfare of the whole nation does not improve, as the disparities and inequities have been eliminated,» said Howard Koh, MD, HHS assistant secretary, in a conference call.

The strategy includes a series of goals and targets for the participation of public and private sectors to reduce racial and ethnic disparities.

These goals include increasing awareness of the importance of health disparities and improve the cultural competence and linguistic diversity of health care personnel. HHS will also provide community organizers a set of tools to help them use the provisions of the new plans.

In conjunction with the HHS plan, the agency has also outlined a new strategy for national stakeholders to achieve equity in health.

The racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to suffer from serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and less likely to have access to quality health care that white Americans.

«Our goal as a nation is, for every person to achieve the highest possible level of health, which is currently out of reach for many,» said Koh. Roadmap to reduce health inequalities

The HHS action plan has five objectives: To transform health care by expanding health coverage and increase access to care. Strengthening the health workforce by recruiting more minorities to public health and medical careers, improving health care interpreter services and support for the training of community health workers as promotoras (Spanish-speaking community workers Health) to help people navigate the healthcare system. Improving the health of minority communities through grants to community transformation target heart disease, childhood obesity, diseases related to tobacco, maternal and child health, flu and asthma. Improving data collection and research involving racial and ethnic minorities. Increasing transparency and accountability of HHS programs to reduce health disparities in minority communities.

To reduce these health disparities, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published what he calls the most comprehensive plan and strategy is to expand access to health care and improve the health of minority.

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